Making Recycling Accessible

Precious Plastics is a group based out of the Netherlands that seeks to share plans for widely accessible and affordable technology that can re-purpose plastic pollution.  Praxis has partnered with Artisan Metalworks to build these innovative machines to start producing a variety of products from clipboards to climbing holds!  Praxis partners with the Community Farmers Market and  the Azulita Project to educate the community about plastics pollution and sustainable solutions.

Picture credit: Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun

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Clipboards- Our first product to hit the market are clipboards made from recycled polypropylene. The material mostly comes to us in the form of littered sleds that are gathered from local sledding spots.  These sleds are shredded and then cooked into a sheet and then a clipboard top is installed.   

Climbing holds/wall mount- Our next products in development are climbing holds of various shapes and sizes.  Once we perfect the individual holds, we want to create an entire wall mount out of recycled materials.  

Scraper Multi-tool- Another product in development is an injection molded car scraper for the snowy season in Flagstaff.  We want to incorporate a versatile design that will combine different tools like a snowboard waxer, ruler and bottle opener.

Take a Cup Leave No Trace-We are currently writing grants to broaden our public outreach campaigns at the Flagstaff Farmers Market.  We’re writing a grant to get reusable cups that we can provide at the farmers market and beyond to reduce the pollution from PLA plastics. 

Strive for 5 in Action- Another grant we’re writing is for the creation of a Zero Waste curriculum for various schools in Flagstaff.  Our workshops will be on repurposing old clothing into bags, doing a personal waste audit, and buying recycle bins for the school that the kids can decorate and label.


Shredder- This tool takes large solid pieces of plastic and shreds them into small chips that can be melted down in the oven, extruder and injection molder.  The plastic chips are separated by color and material and can be combined to make cool patterns and designs.  

Extruder- This tool melts the plastic chips and then feeds the plastic through a tip that creates a continuous stream of plastic that is uniformly pulled to create a string like appearance.  

Oven- Our oven at Praxis is a converted kitchen oven from habitat for humanity.  We installed a bike jack on the bottom and a metal sheet on top, which can compress molten plastic into a uniform sheet.

Injection Molder- The injection molder pushes molten plastic into a mold that is then cooled and removed which leaves a unique shape.

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