Too much stuff? We can help



We accept unwanted clothing and shoes regardless of quality.  We donate the high value clothing to various shelters and organizations while upcycling torn or worn textiles into bags and other useful items.

Food / Kitchen


We collect unopened food for people in need in our community by diverting it into homes that need it most. Food waste from green events goes to support local farmers!

Appliances / E-Waste


We accept damaged and unwanted electronic and household items such as printers, computers, vacuums, and kitchen appliances.  We recycle the plastics from these items and find markets for the metals, circuit boards, and other pieces.

Camping / Recreation Equipment


Any canopies, tents, tables, chairs, backpacks, water bottles or reusable utensils can be repurposed through various sports reuse stores. We can help!

Buckets / bins / Storage


Any donated buckets, bins, or shelving units are useful in our facility to separate and store waste. Even cracked, leaky 5-gallon buckets will help! We recycle any that are broken beyond their useful life.



We fix broken and donated bikes and resell them at a discount. We also reuse  good parts from badly damaged bikes and work with local bike shops whenever possible.

Contact Us

If you're moving out or have any of these items please reach out to us!

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