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Three renegade recyclers living in Flagstaff, Arizona  decided to recreate and change the world of waste, starting with plastics. Fran Alvarado (Public and Education Outreach Coordinator) showed a backyard YouTube  video  of the founder of Precious Plastics (Dave Hakins) shredding plastics in his backyard to Tyler Linner (founder). This turned into Tyler's thesis and has now grown into a local plastic recycling  business.  Darren Bingham (Business Relations Coordinator) joined the team to help cultivate local & national business partnerships.  Not long after Anthony  Chesney (Intern) joined the team to help reshape the world of waste.   

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Our Problem

 Until recently a large portion of the world’s plastic waste was shipped to China for recycling, but in January 2018 the Chinese government effectively banned almost all plastic waste imports. Flagstaff is typical in having to landfill most plastics since then.   China’s National Sword Policy has resulted in material that, once recyclable, is now being sent to the landfill. Many MRFs around Arizona are looking for new markets for displaced plastics. 


Sleds are a HUGE problem for  Flagstaff. With China's National Sword Policy there are no markets for re-purposing  this type of plastic. Praxis Waste Solutions stepped in. We are excited to scale up and change the world of plastic waste here in our community.  

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We want to create a paradigm shift in our society that values waste as a community asset and not a pollutant. We envision a community that finds solutions to their consumption addiction.  We stand with Mother Earth and for the people who inhabitant her. We will lead the way with innovative thinking and problem solving to address plastic waste in Northern Arizona. We believe that we must reduce, reuse, replace, refuse, before we recycle.


Our Solutions

We provide practical and implementable guidance to divert and repurpose waste. We make durable long-lasting products from plastic waste. Our first product is a clipboard that is practical for everyday use and is made from 100% recycled plastic including broken sleds. This is our first product and we are looking to add more to our product line. 

We partner with local businesses to offer a close loop system for turning waste into new products. We also do  provide  durable consumer products.   

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