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 Two renegade recyclers in Flagstaff, Arizona decided to recreate the world of waste, starting with plastics. Fran Alvarado (Chief of Marketing) showed a YouTube video introducing the Precious Plastic workshop to Tyler Linner (Praxis founder). These machines turned into Tyler's thesis, which has grown into a local plastic recycling business.    

With the help of past intern Anthony Chesney, Praxis was been able to add another aspect of the business which is  greening events (located on our green event page) and fully developing our plastic manufacturing part of the business. 

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Our Problem

 Until recently a large portion of the world’s plastic waste was shipped to China for recycling, but in January 2018 the Chinese government effectively banned almost all plastic waste imports. Flagstaff is typical in having to landfill most plastics since then.   China’s National Sword Policy has resulted in plastic waste being rejected. This leads to many different kinds of plastic ending up in the landfills. Many MRFs around Arizona are looking for new markets for displaced plastics.  


Sleds are a HUGE problem for Flagstaff. With China's National Sword Policy there are no markets for re-purposing this form of plastic. Praxis Waste Solutions stepped in. We are excited to change the world of plastic waste here in our community. 

Read about the sled problem in Flagstaff


We want to create a paradigm shift in our society that values waste as a community asset and not a pollutant. We envision a community that finds solutions to their consumption addiction.  We stand with Mother Earth and for the people who inhabitant her. We will lead the way with innovative thinking and problem solving to address plastic waste in Northern Arizona. We believe that we must reduce, reuse, replace, and refuse, before we recycle.


Our Solutions

We provide practical and implementable guidance to divert and re-purpose waste while making durable long-lasting products from Flagstaff's plastic waste. Our first product is a durable clipboard that is practical for everyday use and is made from 100% recycled plastic including broken sleds. We are currently developing more products to add to our line.

We partner with local businesses to offer a close loop system for turning waste into new products.

Meet the Team


Fran Alvarado

   Chief of Marketing

I just received my master's in Sustainable Communities at NAU, and I am also the first in my family to graduate from college. I have a bachelors in Environmental Studies with a minor in Care, Health, and Society from the University of Arizona (Go Cats!). I enjoy fighting against consumer waste, feeding my compost pile at home, and teaching people about plastic pollution through volunteering with a nonprofit against single use plastic called The Azulita Project. I am also a Master Recycler within the city of Flagstaff. I am now serving for Kinsey Elementary as the new FoodCorps member! In my free time I enjoy digging holes, bicycling, being a dedicated mashed potato enthusiast,  and drinking lemonade. 


Tyler Linner

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer  

I started out as a sculptor at General Motors for four years after receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College for Creative Studies. I knew I wanted to do more with my life and in 2017 I entered the Sustainable Communities program at NAU to pivot my career toward sustainability. This has inspired my passions for waste and all that it encompasses. My ongoing thesis project spawned Praxis itself, so I'm happy to know my research is making a real impact on the world. In my spare time I love mountain biking, bike commuting, old cars, baking chocolate chip cookies, and gardening. I love to talk about industrial design and making process better. Come say hi to us at the Sunday Farmer's Market!  


Past interns

Anthony Chesney


Summer 2019 Intern

I am an Environmental Studies and Philosophy student at NAU and working with Praxis as a part of my internship.  I am from Chicago and grew up observing and working in my father's plastic factory.  Seeing the problem of plastics pollution firsthand on a daily basis drove me to seek out ways to ameliorate the sheer volume of plastic we encounter in our daily lives.  When I'm not working at Praxis or on my undergraduate I like to hike, bike, write, record, rehearse, and play music around Northern Arizona.

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